About Us

MilkMilk Limited and Holland Milk BV are working as Strategic Partners of the people of Mandla (A predominantly Tribal District) in Madhya Pradesh, India. We are working very closely with the Member of Parliament of Mandla Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste, (Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Government of India) on a Unique Dairy Initiative which aims at improving the overall Human Development Index (HDI) of the tribal and backward communities of Mandla in India.


In a rare honor, this entire initiative of MilkMilk Limited and Holland Milk BV, is guided and facilitated by one of the most enlightened Spiritual Masters of our time, Shri Lahiri Guruji and Hindutva Abhiyan. Initiated by Shri Lahiri Guruji, Hindutva Abhiyan is a mass movement of Holistic Empowerment, in India, which has transformed the lives of millions through its initiatives of Spirituality and Empowerment.


It is for the first time, that Hindutva Abhiyan which has millions of followers in India, has chosen a Corporate Entity - MilkMilk Limited and Holland Milk BV, as its trusted Strategic Ally, which in itself is a testimony to the trust that the Corporate Values of MilkMilk Limited and Holland Milk BV enjoy Globally.


We believe in rigorous quality standards and in the usage of only the best ingredients for our products. Our company and partners have substantial history in the production of infant formulas. Our products are made with the assistance of some of the most experienced people of the Dutch dairy industry and only highly skilled food nutritionists create our formulas.


MilkMilk Limited and Holland Milk BV, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) will be a benefit towards the overall human development of the tribal and backward regions of India. MilkMilk Limited and Holland Milk BV, look to develop recipes specially for the people of Mandla, India.

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